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"Kawabe Respnance Pad 2013 model" Sale

This product is a new proposal of Kawabe Flute Kobo having "soft sound to conventional felt pad",
and "the function which Respnance Pad has of it being clear and being hard to be out of order"!!
*Perfect sealing up
*Softness of key touch
*Beauty of externals
*Because Tampo vibrates in above all, the vibration is transmitted to the key. (React
to the sound. )
*It corresponds to the flute of the manufacturer where.
実用新案登録証 *I will exchange pads by a reasonable price.
*registration of utility model NO.3136072
  [ "Kawabe Original Resonance Pad" cross section ]
Because the pad comes in contact directly like the air that flows in Cdatai, it influences the sound of the sound in no small way.
However, the sound was not able to be transmitted enough with the pad composed of a past felt and a hard resin via the pad.
"Kawabe Original Resonance Pad" solved this problem by using geled resin in the pad.
It resonates to the gel in the pad, and the attenuation of the vibration of the air style is suppressed, and when the air style that flows in the tube flows on the surface of the pad, the sound with the sound can be created, and be maintained.
Moreover, softness is given to the sound or more by putting the leather film on the surface opposed to the tone hall of geled resin, and the tone with the expression can be produced.
"It is still a surprise at the goodness of the unprecedented play on the flute feeling and the response. ..scaring.. Rezonanspad"
(A Professor of art university)
"The sound of musical instruments is transmitted to the finger.
The sounded point is felt by not only the sound but also the experience by me. The potentials of musical instruments went up surely. "
(Those who amateur love about year of 30 of flute)
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