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Profile of Shinichi Kawabe

I have been involved in the repair of the flute by "MURAMATSU INC." for 30 years.
And,in 2007, I made the best use of the experience and established "Kawabe Flute Kobo".
I do the adjustment matched to not only "MURAMATSU" but also the musical instrument characteristic of other manufacturer.
The evaluation "Accuracy" and "Adjustment without irregularity" is gotten from the customer, and I get the request of the repair from the inside and outside the country.

I worked for shop of old standing "MURAMATSU INC." of the flute production and sales that represented Japan for 30 years.
I served as both managers of "Nagoya branch" and "Osaka branch" concurrently during on the register in "MURAMATSU Inc.".
In March, 2007,I established "Cawabeflut atelier".
In July, 2007,I registered as a utility model of "Kawabe Origenal Rezonance Pad".

Kawabe Original Resonance Pad
All parts of the world pay attention to this pad created based on a new conception of resonating the tube.

Kawabe Flute Kobo
representative director SHINICHI KAWABE

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