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[ Books & Scores ]
[Book for player that Kawabe Flute Kobo recommends]
Guidance book on good posture and breath method
The good sound is made with good posture, good breathing.
"Yoi Oto wa Yoi Shisei Yoi Kokyu de Tsukurareru"(A good sound is made from good posture good breath. ) by Mamada Shouji
Issue:Kydo Ongaku Shuppansha
1,500yen(before-tax price)
Mamada Shouji
He was born in Saitama Prefecture. Architect, martial artist, and Qigong home. It meets Qigong in one's thirties, the lumbago of the chronic disease is overcome, and original Hou is thought out afterwards. It has the classroom in Saitama and Tokyo, "New Qigong clinic" is established in Tokyo, and guidance and the sickness of the junior are treated now. The lecture circuit of the breath method and posture is done aggressively by Waseda University, Aichi Prefectural University of Arts, other universities, groups, and establishment, etc.Moreover, it serves as a special lecturer in music of the Shiga Kogen highlands summer held every year. There are "It is mama teacher's Nao treatment in all diseases" and "Qigong that takes Cori" (Goma Books) in the book.
Composer:Emile Rene NOBLOT
2,000yen(before-tax price)
*It quotes from the preface of a score cover.
"ANDANTINO&FINAL" of the Emile Rene NOBLOT is found out of the score which the late Mr. Andre Jaunet possessed, when I visit Mrs. Jaunet of Zurich in the late autumn in 1997.
Although ANDANTINO&FINAL consists of two movements greatly, ANDANTINO is already contained also in many collections of music, and fundamentally [ as famous "Melody of NOBLOT" ] the same.
Koichi Nakayama
[Each manufacturer new flute,headjoint]
In Kawabe Flute Kobo, you can buy flute and piccolo , and domestic and foreign additionally a famous manufacturer .
Please consult by all means when you buy musical instruments.
A new generation's Headjoint!
Mr. Robert Dick design@Glissando HeadJoint
150,000yen(before-tax price)
[The amateur flute lover who looked at the animation of this product]
"The headjoint in which the new possibility of a flute increases.
It seems that this headjoint was purchased in a tentative way also at a Japanese certain art college.
Practical use beyond a classic, jazz, and a genre may take place."
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVP5ffxX5Kg
[ Overhauled used flute,piccolo,headjoint]
It is backordered now.
[Used musical instrument & headjoint - consignment sales]
Muramatsu silver alto-flute #63***
It is adjusted and is the alto flute of the beautiful article.
Sold Out
[ Additionally : The wind instrument ]
* I will sell the wind instrument whole from the woodwinds such as the clarinet, saxophones, and oboes
to the brass instrument such as the trumpet, horns, and trombones.
[ recommended Fluorine coating ]
Kawabe Original Fluorine coating
It is felt that the movement of the sound smoothes, and the tone series is graceful.
    before-tax price
Headjoint only Inside 1,000yen
Inside & Outside 2,000yen
Full Inside&Outside 5,000yen
"The omission changed and the improving sound changed."
(A Professor of art university)
"The sound of the flute lightened, and the sound became graceful. "
(An amateur love about year of 30 of flute)
[Original Goods for Head]
Kawabe Original Head Stabilizer (Ag925)
"Weight feeling of the sound" changes only because it installs it in the head tube head screw.
New Stabilizer 13,000yen(before-tax price)
- About the price revision
The sales price of "Kawabe Original Head Stabilizer" gotten popular was revised as the market price of recent gold and silver soared. Humbly, please get understanding.

y voice from person used z
Feeling that affects well in connected overtone
Feeling where sound affects in concert etc. far without impossibility
The sound of the bass becomes rich.

First of all, please try this.

Loud tones are painful.
Bottom parts of the notes do not ring.
It is felt that the sound is thin.

First of all ..one where it wants it.., the thickness to the sound of the current state must consult.
Additionally, the orders for weight other than the above-mentioned are received.
* A further effect can be actually felt by using it together with Resonance Pad.

Ulf-Dieter Schaaff is using it, and, recommending it to the apprentice.
Ulf-Dieter Schaaff
* Lead flutist of the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin
* Professor of The LISZT SCHOOL of Music Weimar
* Born in Dusseldorf
* Studied under Andreas Blau, Peter-Lukas Graf, Andras Adorjan
Owl Air( for Flute , silver)
New product: Trademark registration during a utility model application
(Since it becomes good as sound, the feeling of blowing without stress can be experienced)
7,000yen(before-tax price)
* On sale [ in the object for clarinets, the object for ASax, and the object for TSax ] otherwise!!
For Be-Be sound(Galaxy Sound)Head
The Be-Be sound (galaxy sound) is made up without the processing of the head sedges of musical instruments that have it.
  before-tax price
For Flute 10,000yen
For Alto Flute 15,000yen
*Please inform me of the manufacturer name of the installed head sedge.
[ Cleaning Tool]
Pouch de Swab
Kawabe Original "Pouch de Swab"
new! The ease of wiping which is not until now!!
Birth of swab only for musical instrument care!!

1.Since it is double-sided specification, rough wiping is made on the surface and finisshing wiping is made with the back.
Since it is a bag type, a musical instrument can be wiped firmly.
2.Since it is fragrance specification, musical instrument care becomes pleasant.
(Floral: White, Pink / Oriental:Black, Gray)
  before-tax price
Pouch de Swab<Microfiber double-faced cloth>
Pouch de Swab<Microfiber single-faced cloth>
Ray Cloth
Kawabe Original "Ray Cloth"
new! Convenient, when you are at the time of practice or acting before the audience
Exclusive cloth gentle to a musical instrument is a new appearance.

If it folds up, storage also in a musical instrument case is possible.
  before-tax price
Ray Cloth(Plain)
Ray Cloth(Leopard pattern)
Kawabe Original Cleaning Cloth
Great popularity. It crosses the maintenance of the flute epoch-making. Fresh color was added in 2012 and the variation became 17 colors..
In utility model application:2010-000246
The moisture that doesn't fall in gauze either is wiped down and taken if this crossing.
*It receives it in the order for the alto flute.
*I did amendment of the price of cloth for the raw-material jump accompanying an oil price price increase.(July 2013)
  before-tax price
Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod Swab Cloth
(17 color:Black, navy blue, blue, green, Red, yellow, beige, white and more)
each 1,400yen
Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod Swab Cloth(Premium)
(6 color:Black, Lime, pastel pink, pastel blue, silver, light brown, pearl black)
each 1,900yen
long cloth each 1,700yen
rod 800yen
A color variation is 17 colors!
[Compressed laminated wood][Ebony] Original Cleaning Rod(39p)
The new proposal from Kawabe Flute Kobo
The slot of a Kawabe Original cleaning rod is observed!!
I was easy to repair and "cleaning crossing" became being hard to shift by this slot.
"Since crossing does not shift, care is possible for an easy top firmly, and it is very pleasing."
(An amateur love about year of 35 of flute)
  before-tax price
Compressed laminated wood 3,000yen
Evony 4,000yen
[Duracon] Original Cleaning Rod
1,200yen(before-tax price)

Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod with a Screwdriver
Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod with a Screwdriver
New design!
Fashionable and practical cleaning rods
Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod with a Screwdriver
price: 6,000yen(before-tax price)

4,000yen(before-tax price)

*Please inquire about original rod.

2013 Long Cleaning Rod
  before-tax price
with screwdriver 5,200yen
with handle 4,200yen
2013 Cloth for Long Rod
(each 17colorj
[Compressed laminated wood] Long Cleaning Rod
(39p+30p / At the time of the longest 66pj
  before-tax price
Long Cleaning Rod 5,200yen
2013 Cloth for Long Rod
(each 17colorj
Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod for piccoro
(length and short substitution cleaning sticks set)
(with special cloth)
Quite new cleaning crossing of flute piccolo.
y feature z

Wiping moisture off can be steady.
It easily enters the case.
Because crossing is washed, it is clean.
*Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod Swab for piccoro
(length and short cloth & rod set)
(6 color:navyblue,green,pink,white,yellow,red)...
price: each set 4,200yen
Mouth Hole Cleaner (Contact part: Felt specificatio)
new! In order to make sound of a flute into best condition, we recommend you about one cleaning for a head section lip portion with a mousehole cleaner at one week.
  before-tax price
white 1,540yen
Ebony 2,000yen
[ Case ]
made in JAPAN wooden case
Wooden flute case (made in Japan)
Important musical instruments are guarded by a certain making.
for C Regular price 20,000yen(before-tax price)
Limited time price 18,000yen
for H Regular price 25,000yen(before-tax price)
Limited time price 22,000yen

NAHOK.Flute case coverifor Cj
(made in Germanyj
Heart pattern Flute case cover
14,000yen(before-tax price)
Design Flute case cover each
12,000yen(before-tax price)
*It responds to the consultation of the price!

- About the material 'Super-tilt'

- A super-tilt is originally used with a special cloth using the string of trademark "[Torebira]" given only to the highest, strongest commodity of the Europe Kosa company with the honor for the place in which it attached importance to the safety of the equipment of the large-scale dome tent and the airport etc.
- Because a super-tilt is strangled to the utmost limit by the nonconventional machining of the filament string, strength has strength of three times past sailcloth and the terpaulin, and is excellent by the durability to natural conditions of rain, the style, and heating, etc.
- In a super-tilt, the color variation that can put out the goodness of the shade and [hatsuiro] with a peculiar depth in addition only in a European manufacturer with feeling of luxury is charm.
- A super-tilt weaves plainly or is a Panamanian weaving woven of two of weaving of one. In addition, because the string pressed to become a flat square by a special technique is exactly woven, it is not uniform like a past terpaulin of strength and there is neither disorder of weaving nor a ragged feeling, and becomes beautiful surface finish.
- An advanced, special coating is given as for a super-tilt after the powerful adhesive is spread, and a smooth vitriform material feeling has gone out. In a word, a past terpaulin only of the processing of the coating with the heat roller is a great difference, and an extremely complete product in flaking off, the tensile strength test, and the paddy test, etc.
Flute case cover[Dachshund]/for C,and H
Black,Brown eachc8,000yen(before-tax price)
[ CD ]
The following CD is being put on the market by the Rampal Society.
Neither is a valuable recording of the Rampal glory period.
Please apply for hope with Mail after describing the order number and the where to make contact clearly after it buys it.
The carriage is separately received.
Order number No.01@CD No. REF.070.122
Jindrich FELD
Price: 2,500yen(before-tax price)
1. Concerto(1954) Flute:Jean-Pierre Rampal
2. Nocturne(2002) Flute.Violin,Viola,Cello Flute:Christel Rayneau
3. Musique Concertante(2000) Flute Orchestre(24 Flutes)
Order number No.02@CD No. REF.070.124-126
JEAN-PIERRE RAMPAL Les annees Ristanpart,Vol.1(3 piece sets)
Price: 4,000yen(before-tax price)
1. A.Vivaldi / Six Concerto
2. J.S.Bach / Suite No.2
B-moll BWV 1067
1. A.Vivaldi / Concerto G-moll
2. J.F.Handel / Trios Sonatas
3. G.Tartini / Concerto G-dur
4. J.S.Bach / Cantate BWV209
5. V / Concerto G-moll
1. P.Arma / Suite de Denses op.74
2. V / Divertimento de Concert
3. M.Bretachneider / Concerto
4. A.Jolivet / Concerto

Flute:Jean-Pierre Rampal, Karl Ristenpart / Rodiodiffusion Sarroise
Order number No.03@CD No. REF.070.127-128
W.A.Mozart (2 piece sets)
Price: 3,000yen(before-tax price)
1. Concerto for Flute & Harp C-dur KV 299
2. Symphonic Concertante Fa-dur KV 297
1. Flute Concerto No.1 G-dur KV 313
2. Flute Concerto No.2 D-dur KV 314
3. Andante C-dur KV 315

Flute:Jean-Pierre Rampal / Oboe:Pierre Pierlot / Clarinet:Jaoques Lancelot
Karl Ristenpart / Sarre Chamber Orchestra
Order number No.04@CD No. REF.070.136-138
JEAN-PIERRE RAMPAL La Premier Virtuose Moderne (3 piece sets)
(From Traversiere to facsimile edition of thing put on the market this CD before.)
Price: 3,000yen(before-tax price)
1. J.S.Bach / Sonata H-dur BWV 1030
2. V / Sonata E-dur BWV 1031
3. V / Sonata A-dur BWV 1032
4. V / Sonata G-moll BWV 1020
5. V / Sonata E-moll BWV 1034
1. G.F.Telemann / Sonata F-dur
2. L.Couperin / Fantasy
3. J.M.Leclair / Sonata E-moll
4. J.Bodin de Boiamortier / Concerto G-dur
5. F.Haydn / Divertimento / D-dur
6. W.A.Mozart / Quartert D-dur KV285
7. V / Quartert D-dur KV285a
8. V / Quartert C-dur KV285b
9. L.Beethoven / Duet G-dur
1. C.Debussy / Syrinx
2. A.Roussel / Joueure de Flute op.27
3. D.Milhaud / Sonatine
4. A.Honegger / Dance de La Chevre
5. P.Dukas / La Plainta au Loin de Feune
6. P.Hindemith / Sonata
7. J.Feld / Sonata
8. J.Francaix / Devertmento

Flute:Jean-Pierre Rampal, Joseph Rampal, Fernand Dufrene,
Robert Rochhut,Alphonse Kenvyn, Georges Lussagnet,
The high-quality sound which laying on heart "Louis Lot" of the time of the 2nd phase composer of CD of the Mr. Louis Lot player "Enokida" great desire which stood high brews is Paris. The Louis Lot association is also extolled.
It is CD indispensable to a flute CD library.
Order number No.10 CD number 4562209761190
Masayoshi Enokida [ BOUQUET DES TONS ]
Flute:Masayoshi Enokida Piano:Shoko Gamo
Price:2,500yen(before-tax price)
1. -VISION- Hedwige Chrétien
2. -ANDANTINO ET FINAL- Emile Rene Noblot
4. -Reverie-caprice- Adolphe Hennebains
5. -NOCTURNE-@Georges Barrère
6. -CHANSON SANS PAROLES- Tchaikovsky/Taffanel ver.
7. -AIR DE BALLET D'ASCANIO- Camille Saint-Saens
8. -ROMANCE OP.37- Camille Saint-Saëns
9. -FANTAISIE- Georges Hue
10. -Solo de Concert No. 6- Jules Demersseman
Masayoshi Enokida (Flute:Louis Lot #4410 & 4452)
He studies under Mr. Andre Jaunet in Zurich Conservatory.
And in GuillebaudConservatory of London, it studies under Mr. William Bennett.
He is awarded the topmost peg (the 2nd place without the 1st place) by a Maria Canals international music competition.
He played an active part as an Osaka philharmonic orchestra top flutist from 1980 to 2010.
Song of The Jet
Order number No.11
Haruka Okubo@Bossa Flautas[Song of The Jet]
Bossa Flautas
Haruka Okubo(Flute)
Masayo Mori(Flute)
Mayumi Iida(Flute)
Yuka Kawahara(Flute)
Price:2,000yen(before-tax price)
1. Samba Do Aviao / Antonio Carlos Jobim
2. Garota De Ipanema (The Girl From Ipanema) / Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes
3. Agua De Beber (Water To Drink) / Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes
4. Wave (Vou Te Contar) / Antonio Carlos Jobim
5. Manha De Carnaval (Black Orpheus / La Chanson D'Orphee) / Luis Bonfa and Antonio Maria
6. Samba De Uma Nota So (One Note Samba) / Antonio Carlos Jobim and Newton Mendonca
7. Alo, Alo, Tai, Carmen Miranda / Maneco, Wilson Diabo, and Heitor
8. O Pato (The Duck) / Neuza Teixeira and Jaime Silva
9. Bebe / Hermeto Pascoal
10. Andorinha / Antonio Carlos Jobim
11. Noites Cariocas / Jacob Do Bandolim
12. Bole Bole / Jacob Do Bandolim
[ Video ]
@Akifumi Inoue Flute recital
Price: 3,000yen(before-tax price)
March 14, 1999 isunj2:10p.m.
It collects in the Cube Hall, Muse Tokorozawa.
VHS@HiFi-Stereo@color 97minutes
Production: Gaien Video Promotion
Akifumi Inoue
He studied under Marcel Moyse, William Bennett, and Trevor Wye,
and translated Trevor Wye flute textbook series.
and He began the duo with Manami Inoue in 1992.
and took charge of the music of "Kaido wo yuku" of NHKBS2 in 1998.

Gaubert / Romance
Two sketches
Taffanel / Andante Pastorarl and Skeltseteno
Telemann / Fantasia in B flat major
Fantasia in G minor
Borne / Carmen Fantasie
Bach / Partita BWV1013
Gaubert / Sonata
Saburo Takata
(by Akifumi Inoue)
/ From five race melodies
(by Akifumi Inoue)
/ Carmen interlude
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