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New Flutes & Headjoint

Used Flutes,Piccolo,

Used musical instrument
[consignment sales]




Cleaning Tool

[Each manufacturer new flute,headjoint]
In Kawabe Flute Kobo, you can buy flute and piccolo , and domestic and foreign additionally a famous manufacturer .
Please consult by all means when you buy musical instruments.
A new generation's Headjoint!
Mr. Robert Dick design@Glissando HeadJoint
150,000yen(before-tax price)
[The amateur flute lover who looked at the animation of this product]
"The headjoint in which the new possibility of a flute increases.
It seems that this headjoint was purchased in a tentative way also at a Japanese certain art college.
Practical use beyond a classic, jazz, and a genre may take place."
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVP5ffxX5Kg
[ Overhauled used flute,piccolo,headjoint]
It is backordered now.
[Used musical instrument & headjoint - consignment sales]
Muramatsu silver alto-flute #63***
It is adjusted and is the alto flute of the beautiful article.
Sold Out
[ Additionally : The wind instrument ]
* I will sell the wind instrument whole from the woodwinds such as the clarinet, saxophones, and oboes
to the brass instrument such as the trumpet, horns, and trombones.
[ recommended Fluorine coating ]
Kawabe Original Fluorine coating
It is felt that the movement of the sound smoothes, and the tone series is graceful.
    before-tax price
Headjoint only Inside 1,000yen
Inside & Outside 2,000yen
Full Inside&Outside 5,000yen
"The omission changed and the improving sound changed."
(A Professor of art university)
"The sound of the flute lightened, and the sound became graceful. "
(An amateur love about year of 30 of flute)
[Original Goods for Head]
Kawabe Original Head Stabilizer (Ag925)
"Weight feeling of the sound" changes only because it installs it in the head tube head screw.
New Stabilizer 13,000yen(before-tax price)
- About the price revision
The sales price of "Kawabe Original Head Stabilizer" gotten popular was revised as the market price of recent gold and silver soared. Humbly, please get understanding.

y voice from person used z
Feeling that affects well in connected overtone
Feeling where sound affects in concert etc. far without impossibility
The sound of the bass becomes rich.

First of all, please try this.

Loud tones are painful.
Bottom parts of the notes do not ring.
It is felt that the sound is thin.

First of all ..one where it wants it.., the thickness to the sound of the current state must consult.
Additionally, the orders for weight other than the above-mentioned are received.
* A further effect can be actually felt by using it together with Resonance Pad.

Ulf-Dieter Schaaff is using it, and, recommending it to the apprentice.
Ulf-Dieter Schaaff
* Lead flutist of the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin
* Professor of The LISZT SCHOOL of Music Weimar
* Born in Dusseldorf
* Studied under Andreas Blau, Peter-Lukas Graf, Andras Adorjan
Owl Air( for Flute , silver)
New product: Trademark registration during a utility model application
(Since it becomes good as sound, the feeling of blowing without stress can be experienced)
7,000yen(before-tax price)
* On sale [ in the object for clarinets, the object for ASax, and the object for TSax ] otherwise!!
For Be-Be sound(Galaxy Sound)Head
The Be-Be sound (galaxy sound) is made up without the processing of the head sedges of musical instruments that have it.
  before-tax price
For Flute 10,000yen
For Alto Flute 15,000yen
*Please inform me of the manufacturer name of the installed head sedge.
[ Cleaning Tool]
Pouch de Swab
Kawabe Original "Pouch de Swab"
new! The ease of wiping which is not until now!!
Birth of swab only for musical instrument care!!

1.Since it is double-sided specification, rough wiping is made on the surface and finisshing wiping is made with the back.
Since it is a bag type, a musical instrument can be wiped firmly.
2.Since it is fragrance specification, musical instrument care becomes pleasant.
(Floral: White, Pink / Oriental:Black, Gray)
  before-tax price
Pouch de Swab<Microfiber double-faced cloth>
Pouch de Swab<Microfiber single-faced cloth>
Ray Cloth
Kawabe Original "Ray Cloth"
new! Convenient, when you are at the time of practice or acting before the audience
Exclusive cloth gentle to a musical instrument is a new appearance.

If it folds up, storage also in a musical instrument case is possible.
  before-tax price
Ray Cloth(Plain)
Ray Cloth(Leopard pattern)
Kawabe Original Cleaning Cloth
Great popularity. It crosses the maintenance of the flute epoch-making. Fresh color was added in 2012 and the variation became 17 colors..
In utility model application:2010-000246
The moisture that doesn't fall in gauze either is wiped down and taken if this crossing.
*It receives it in the order for the alto flute.
*I did amendment of the price of cloth for the raw-material jump accompanying an oil price price increase.(July 2013)
  before-tax price
Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod Swab Cloth
(17 color:Black, navy blue, blue, green, Red, yellow, beige, white and more)
each 1,400yen
Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod Swab Cloth(Premium)
(6 color:Black, Lime, pastel pink, pastel blue, silver, light brown, pearl black)
each 1,900yen
long cloth each 1,700yen
rod 800yen
A color variation is 17 colors!
[Compressed laminated wood][Ebony] Original Cleaning Rod(39p)
The new proposal from Kawabe Flute Kobo
The slot of a Kawabe Original cleaning rod is observed!!
I was easy to repair and "cleaning crossing" became being hard to shift by this slot.
"Since crossing does not shift, care is possible for an easy top firmly, and it is very pleasing."
(An amateur love about year of 35 of flute)
  before-tax price
Compressed laminated wood 3,000yen
Evony 4,000yen
[Duracon] Original Cleaning Rod
1,200yen(before-tax price)

Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod with a Screwdriver
Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod with a Screwdriver
New design!
Fashionable and practical cleaning rods
Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod with a Screwdriver
price: 6,000yen(before-tax price)

4,000yen(before-tax price)

*Please inquire about original rod.

2013 Long Cleaning Rod
  before-tax price
with screwdriver 5,200yen
with handle 4,200yen
2013 Cloth for Long Rod
(each 17colorj
[Compressed laminated wood] Long Cleaning Rod
(39p+30p / At the time of the longest 66pj
  before-tax price
Long Cleaning Rod 5,200yen
2013 Cloth for Long Rod
(each 17colorj
Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod for piccoro
(length and short substitution cleaning sticks set)
(with special cloth)
Quite new cleaning crossing of flute piccolo.
y feature z

Wiping moisture off can be steady.
It easily enters the case.
Because crossing is washed, it is clean.
*Kawabe Original Cleaning Rod Swab for piccoro
(length and short cloth & rod set)
(6 color:navyblue,green,pink,white,yellow,red)...
price: each set 4,200yen
Mouth Hole Cleaner (Contact part: Felt specificatio)
new! In order to make sound of a flute into best condition, we recommend you about one cleaning for a head section lip portion with a mousehole cleaner at one week.
  before-tax price
white 1,540yen
Ebony 2,000yen
*The sales page of the flute and goods publishes the new item in succession. Please expect it.
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